Monday, September 30, 2013

Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville & Sam Houston Burial Site

My ancestor Ann Houston (born in Renfrewshire, Scotland) married James Orr and had a son Robert Orr.  Robert Orr joined the church in Scotland and immigrated to Utah in the 1850's. 
Sam Houston's ancestry also goes back to Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland.  His line goes from Scotland to Northern Ireland and then eventually to Virginia - where Sam was born. 
I believe James Houston (who built the blacksmith shop at Haun's Mill) also descends from the Scotland - Northern Ireland - Virginia line. 
Sam Houston Memorial Museum
Margaret Moffette Lea (3rd wife)

This vest was worn by General Houston in the 1840’s and 1850’s.  He referred to it as his “leopard skin vest”. While defending his pro-union views to Southern senators he said he had always been pro-union and, “A leopard can’t change his spots.”  

Sam Houston Burial Site


Birthday & Senior Missionary Conference in Huntsville

Debie and Daniel hosted a birthday dinner for Elder Barlow.   Daniel is an accountant (originally from Bear Lake).  Debie is an architect from Indonesia.  We enjoy trying her Indonesian cuisine.

Debie, Claire & Daniel with Elder De La Mar
Senior Missionary Conference in Huntsville


Monday, September 23, 2013

Catching Up

Ding (from Holland) and Lonnie took us to lunch at King Palace (Chinese buffett)

We have helped Mary with her family history and she has 32 names ready to take to the temple.

Andrew & Reyna took us to dinner at Pappacitos.  They were appreciative of the help they received with their family history. 

Billy & Kay's Horse Stables

Kay, Billy, Elder Jenkins

Ashley's Baby (race horse)

Bugsy (Billy & Kay's adorable dog)
race horse
Papaya tree at our apartment complex

Monday, September 9, 2013


It spite of the challenging week, we were still able to get some good things done. 

We were able to help Mary again with her family history.  She is happy and amazed to see her family tree go back several generations.  She is talking about getting her recommend so she can go to the temple and do the temple work for her family.  She is the only member of the church in her family.

We were not able to meet with Andrew and Reyna last week (they changed phones so we were incommunicado).  So I mailed some Hispanic family history research to Reyna.  Andrew called yesterday with his new phone number and set up a teaching appointment with us tomorrow.

I taught Joseph the third new member lesson Saturday.  Some of his family is giving him a lot of opposition right now.  I visited with his niece on the phone and suggested they view the six new "Introduction to the Mormons" video segments on to find out more about Mormons. 

Tomas is doing great on his own!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day.  It is also P-day.  Our zone met for breakfast at the Stake Center.

Elder Jenkins found an Indian grocery store where we got a few items.  I like the fried moong pulse.  I'm sure we are not their typical clientele.  Besides Indians, Muslims shop there too.

I got my hair cut at a Vietnamese hair salon.

Bro. Ding (from Holland) took us to lunch this past week to "Sweet Tomatoes" - a salad buffet.  It was really good.  They also have pasta, breads, soup, and desserts.

We are still looking for lost sheep, and helping to update the ward member's contact info.  We also help members and investigators with family history research.  We are helping Reyna with her Hispanic research.  It is difficult because the Mexican records we look at aren't indexed yet.  It is very laborious looking through  over 3000 images.  We have gotten through about 666 and found four possible relatives from Torreon.  It would be helpful to be able to read Spanish, but we've gotten a Spanish/English dictionary, and we do the best we can.