Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A busy week

It's been a very busy week. Had a small minor outpatient surgery last Tuesday (get stitches out tomorrow) healing very well.  Sent endorsed acceptance letters back to the First Presidency.  Went through Missionary Packet.  Mailed out Far West Ward envelopes to family contributors. Cashed out 401K. Got a missionary haircut (good for hot humid weather).  Found required missionary clothing for Ryan. Finally found required sturdy umbrellas for a decent price.  Getting financial affairs in order. Enrolled in health insurance. Finished responsibilities in planning the 2013 McBride Reunion (in August).  Started re-reading the Book of Mormon again (needs to be done by July 1st). Created a Profile on Mormon.org.  Planned tentative travel itinerary.  Worked on a budget. Gathered supplies to take. Harvested strawberries. Taught lesson in Relief Society.

The mission office called today and said gave us our assignment. The mission office is scrambling to find us a place to live.

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