Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gosling Road

We went to the Family History Center so I could do a little research for one investigator; and order some microfilm to help our new convert, Joseph, with his family history.  It would be great if he could go to the temple soon and do baptisms for the dead.  He is from Grenada and has been in the U.S. about a year.  There are no Grenada databases on and only one database on  We will probably have to do research the hard old-fashioned way.  There are only 305 church members in Grenada (mostly attending school).  Joseph is a true pioneer.  Hopefully we can do some good work to help the work move along.
After we got done at the Family History Center, we drove a little north to where Ryan's ancestor John Goaslind (spelling variations - Goslind, Gosling) lived with his brother Levi in 1850.  They had a sawmill. Levi had 7,083,333 square varas of land which equals 1,254 acres. The land is situated in The Woodlands area north of Houston.  Gosling Road is there.  Part of the deed spells Levi's name as 'Levi Goslind', and another part spells it 'Levi Gosling'. Since Levi bought the land as a land patent from the State of Texas, I suppose Gosling Road is named after Levi Goslind(g). 


Gosling Road crossing Willow Creek (Willow Creek is mentioned in deed)
Gosling Road north of Willow Creek

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