Friday, July 26, 2013

This Week

We've been looking for lost sheep who's memberships are in the ward.  We've made many phone calls, and travelled and knocked on doors.  In doing so, we've talked to seven, and made five visits.  We taught two discussions.  We're preparing to speak in sacrament meeting this Sunday.  We did some family history research for Andrew, Reyna, and Charles.

We had District Meeting today.  We found Gloria while we were out looking for lost sheep and had a long visit with her.  She committed to come to church in two weeks.

Tonight we are going to a member's home for dinner.  They have family visiting from Monterey, Mexico (who don't speak English).  We were able to go to and print off the last two paragraphs of the Introdution to the Book of Mormon (in Spanish).  I plan  on sharing that with them tonight:)

We love the Lord!  The church is true!

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