Monday, October 28, 2013


Yesterday, we were happy that Michellyn, Martin, Marco, Mary and Elijah came to church.  I hope they keep coming.

Last night we had Movie Night at the church and enjoyed seeing "Ephraim's Rescue". 

Last week, we took Gloria to her medical procedure at Houston Northwest Medical Center.  While in the waiting room, I enjoyed reading CONSIDER THE BLESSINGS by Thomas S. Monson.

We had a wonderful Zone Conference last Thursday.  President Pingree talked to us about teaching the topic of the Godhead here in the Bible Belt.  Many good people we meet share many of our beliefs.  We may differ in our views of the godhead; and have the restoration to add.

Lunch after Zone Conference

In our mission, we have been encouraged to study the Atonement.  That was something I wanted to do while serving a full-time mission here.  I was able to read THE INFINITE ATONEMENT by Tad Callister - which was excellent.

Tomas had to cancel our family history session - he had to take his brother to the Emergency Room (his brother has terminal cancer).  I had found a couple of Mexican christening records for his ancestors I wanted to bring to him.  I had used a Spanish dictionary to figure out what the words were in English, and had Elder Alvarenga proofread it to make sure I got everything straight.  He said it was okay.  So when Tomas is ready we can extend his tree back another generation.

While we were driving through Gloria's humble neighborhood, we stopped and talked to a good Christian man that was working in his nice garden.  We asked him about his garden and we explained we were serving a mission in Houston.  The conversation naturally turned to Jesus and we had a nice visit and he asked for our card. 

One thing I find unusual here - black men riding horses alongside major traffic thoroughfares.  Apparently they are not afraid their horses will get spooked by the traffic.  Someone told me that in northwest Houston there are black cowboys where that is part of their traditional culture.

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