Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

The elders just came by and told us that Elder Veamatahau's father (in Tonga) passed away about an hour ago. 

We had Christmas Zone Conference yesterday, so P-day was re-scheduled for today.

After Zone Conference we stopped by a Rehab Hospital to visit with Edna's 94 year-old mother who is Methodist.  We showed her a Christmas video and played some Christmas music.  It was fun.

Zone Conference was great.  President Pingree spent quite awhile teaching about the Atonement.  Some references I liked can be found at:

There were a couple of other references that I haven't been able to locate on the internet yet.
President Pingree also taught about the process for accomplishing something with Christ--
1. Qualify (see Alma 26:22)
2. Identify something God wants you to achieve
3. Do everything you can to make it happen
4. Plead with God for what you need
5. Thank God for the help you receive

The CES senior missionaries (the Lebarons) in Huntsville cooked the luncheon.


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