Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and November Ends

We were able to close November with an eventful week. We are glad for the blessing of health returning to some who have had surgery and are recovering well.

On Thanksgiving Day we enjoyed a visit to downtown Houston and unexpectedly experienced heavy downtown traffic. We found that Houston has a Thanksgiving Day parade and it was just ending as we got there. Streets were closed, and people were walking and then driving everywhere. The streets stayed closed on the parade route as floats and participants were gathering up and leaving, so we were sent away from where we were wanting to go. We did see the Budweiser Clydesdales up close as they went passed us going the other direction. We got a good look at downtown Houston as we traveled slowly in the traffic. We had time to look and observe while we stopped and waited so that we could move 20 more feet and stop again. We ended up west and south of our destination before they started opening streets up and we could make our way back to our goal, the theatre district . We then walked around to see some of the sites. Here are a few pictures of what we saw:

This sculpture was  in front of one of the buildings. And with the parade over, we didn't have any crowds to contend with on our tour.

Friday, as we were going to zone meeting, the car's "check engine" light came on. We were near an automotive center we had used for an oil change, so we turned in to get it checked. We texted the elders to let them know we would not make zone meeting (yes, we have learned how to text). We spent the next 4 hours there getting it diagnosed and repaired. Now the car is fixed and we can travel safe and sound.

We spent a weekday evening and more time on Saturday assisting a member get his family history entered into the computer. His wonderful Aunt Mary had collected the information years ago and he had been given a copy. When  we started the Family History class, he remembered he had it and pulled it out of a closet. What a gold mine. He is learning computer literacy and his ancestors are going onto the computer. And the stories he remembers as they are being entered are wonderful. He will have many opportunities for temple attendance in behalf of his family. This is a joy to participate in.

The month and week ended positively. The Lord loves and is mindful of all His children. ALL of them and ALL of us.

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