Monday, November 18, 2013


I'm glad to be feeling better this week.

This week we've spent a fair amount of time in hospitals.  Gloria had her reconstruction surgery on Tuesday (about 4 hours). 

Joe had surgery on his carotid artery (about 6 hours) at LBJ Hospital.  Mirta was glad we sat with her in the waiting room.

Mary has been admitted to LBJ Hospital for acute pancreatitis.

Saturday we were part of a clean-up crew at Charles & Carolyn's.  Vicki hosted a baby shower for Carolyn in the afternoon.  That was very nice.

We taught family history classes again this week.  We've been helping individual's on a one-to-one basis also.

Bro. Ding took us to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes on Thursday.  I really like their large variety.

We had one teaching appointment that fell through on Saturday.

We had movie night again on Sunday (2nd viewing of Ephraim's Rescue).

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