Monday, November 11, 2013

Slow Week

This week has been a slow week.  I became ill on Tuesday and have mostly been unable to leave the apartment for several days.  We taught our family history classes on Thursday and Sunday.

Thursday we had a Zone Conference again - special training on conversion.

Thursday evening, Elder Halterman dislocated his shoulder so we spent from 9 pm to midnight at the Emergency Room at Methodist Hospital.  He will probably need to have some physical therapy.

We were planning on going to the Indian PowWow on Saturday at Traders Village, but I wasn't well enough to go.  That was disappointing.

A home in the southern part of the ward
A nice garden in Gloria's neighborhood
We visit the man working there, when we see him
About eight horses are kept here by black cowboys

Home near the Houston Texas Temple
Home near the Houston Texas Temple

The Houston Texas Temple in in our Stake.  It's located in a ward north of us.
Elder Jenkins discovered that our former bishop, Albert Haines lives in the Champion Ward of our stake.  He was our bishop when we lived in the Orem 60th Ward when Elder Jenkins was attending BYU.  At that time he was the City Manager for Orem.  He has since been the City Manager for Houston; as well as a mission president.  He currently is a ward mission leader and temple sealer.  He responded to Elder Jenkins' email and said he looks forward to seeing and visiting us.  
Nancy Glazier also lived in the Orem 60th Ward - she is an artist and is known for painting the "Lamb and Lion" that we see in many church buildings.  [She allowed me to watch her work on a painting once. She also gave me one of her small paintings that she painted when she was learning.]

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